General Seaweed Publications

Many publishers charge for access to articles, proceedings, and other documents. These publications also may be available for little to no cost through your university library or the National Sea Grant Library (NSGL). When contacting NSGL, please be sure to include the publication’s NSGL #.

An ecological study of the red alga, Ahnfeltia cocinna (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales)

NSGL #: HAWAU-Y-77-001

An in situ study of recruitment, growth and survival of subtidal marine algae:  techniques and preliminary results
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-76-023

An introduction to Hanauma Bay
NSGL #: HAWAU-G-90-001

A physiological approach to mariculture of red algae
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-83-066

Aquaculture in Washington State
NSGL #: WASHU-G-88-010

A resource management study of Gelidium robustum
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-71-035

Balancing conservation with commercial use: an experiment to guide sustainable exploitation of an ecologically vulnerable kelp
NSGL #: CASG-Y-07-003

Calluses and callus-like growth in seaweeds: induction and culture
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-87-042

Calluses, cells, and protoplasts in studies towards genetic improvement of seaweeds
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-86-060

Cloning marine algae for mariculture
NSGL #: WASHU-R-83-011

Common edible seaweeds in the Gulf of Alaska

Cultivation and hybridization of giant kelps (Phaeophyceae)
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-77-041

Developing a mariculture business in Alaska: information and resources
NSGL #: AKU-G-93-002

Difference in carrageenan in gametophytes and tetrasporophytes and of red algae
NSGL #: WASHU-R-75-021

Direct observation of algal spores under natural conditions
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-71-030

Effects of competition and dispersal on the recruitment of the annual kelp Nereocystis luetkeana
NSGL #: CASG-Y-10-008

Effects of seaweed extracts and secondary metabolites on feeding by the herbivorous surgeonfish Naso lituratus
NSGL #: HAWAU-R-94-034 and CASG-R-11-047

Establishing a seaweed industry in Hawaii: an initial assessment
NSGL #: HAWAU-T-87-001

Experimental harvests of macroalgae along the Oregon coast with an analysis of associated epiphytic diatom communities (thesis abstract)
NSGL #: ORESU-X-03-011

Exploring the ocean — stating the case for chemistry
NSGL #: HAWAU-R-99-010

Exploratory studies of vegetative propagation of marine algae: procedure for obtaining axenic tissues
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-81-045

Field guide to seaweeds of Alaska
NSGL #: AKU-H-10-003

Genetics in Aquaculture II: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Genetics in Aquaculture
NSGL #: CUIMR-W-85-003

Influence of antecedent water temperatures on standing crop of a Sargassum spp.-dominated reef flat in Hawaii
NSGL #: HAWAU-R-90-006

Mariculture of marine plants:  a critical pathway approach
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-83-056

Mariculture of red seaweeds
NSGL #: CUIMR-T-81-002

Nutrient limited growth and sources of nutrients for coral reef macroalgae
NSGL #: HAWAU-Y-97-004

Optimal production from a seaweed resource
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-77-011

OTEC aquaculture in Hawaii 
NSGL #: HAWAU-O-88-001

Pacific seaweed aquaculture
NSGL #: CUIMR-W-80-001

Population consequences of biomass loss due to commercial collection of the wild seaweed Postelsia palmaeformis
NSGL #: CASG-R-10-039

Potential sites for seaweed culture in Hawaii: Hawaii, Molokai, Lanai, and Kauai
NSGL #: HAWAU-M-92-001

Proceedings of the Fourth Alaska Aquaculture Conference
NSGL #: AKU-W-87-003



Prolonged reproductive consequences of short-term biomass loss in seaweeds
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-02-015

Protoplasts from seaweeds: production and fusion
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-84-068

ReefWatcher’s guide to alien and native Hawaiian marine algae
NSGL #: HAWAU-H-04-002

Seasonality in Micronesian seaweed population and their biogeography as affecting wild crop potential
NSGL #: HAWAU-WR-78-002

Seaweed cultivation in Minamikayabe, Hokkaido, Japan: potential for similar mariculture in southeastern Alaska
NSGL #: AKU-T-87-001

Seaweed culture in Washington and British Columbia:  Potential and practice
NSGL #: WASHU-R-80-020

Seaweed farms:  A new approach for U.S. industry
NSGL #: HAWAU-R-73-003

Seaweeds: cell and tissue suspension cultures
NSGL #: ORESU-R-00-015

Shoreline armoring disrupts marine–terrestrial connectivity across the nearshore ecotone
NSGL #: WASHU-Y-13-001

Shellfish and seaweed harvests of Puget Sound
NSGL #: WASHU-B-86-001

Surviving on the foods and water from Alaska’s southern shores

Taxonomy of economic seaweeds. With reference to some Pacific species.

Taxonomy of economic seaweeds. With reference to some Pacific and Caribbean species

Volume I
NSGL #: CUIMR-W-84-003

Volume II
NSGL #: HAWAU-W-86-003

Taxonomy of economic seaweeds. With reference to the Pacific and other locations. Volume IX
NSGL #: HAWAU-W-02-002

Taxonomy of economic seaweeds. With reference to some Pacific and Western Atlantic species. Volume III
NSGL #: HAWAU-W-89-005

The domestication and cultivation of Californian microalgae
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-81-059

The effect of environment on growth and development of Zonaria farlowii
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-69-002

The effects of irradiance in determining the vertical distribution of elk kelp Pelagophycus porra
NSGL #: CASG-Y-08-011

The effects of seascape pattern on algal patch structure, sea urchin barrens, and ecological processes
NSGL #: CASG-R-15-002

The functional morphology of Eisenia arborea
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-69-003

The Limu eater cookbook of Hawaiian seaweed
NSGL #: HAWAU-U-79-001

The measurement of underwater light for biological experiments
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-72-033

The ocean as a culture dish: experimental studies of marine algal ecology
NSGL #: CASG-R-74-055

The settling behavior of marine algal spores
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-71-026

Two invaders achieve higher densities in reserves
NSGL #: WASHU-R-06-004

Two-stage hydrolysis of invasive algal feedstock for ethanol fermentation
NSGL #: HAWAU-R-11-015

Where to get more information on farming marine algae in high latitude waters
NSGL #: AKU-L-87-003