Nori and Porphyra Publications

A cultural and cytological study of the marine red alga Porphyra torta, with special emphasis on the location of meiosis
NSGL #: WASHU-X-84-017

A final report on the commercial quality and value of nori produced in an OTEC-like system in Hawaii
NSGL #: HAWAU-Q-84-001

Chloroplast encoded thioredoxin genes in the red algae Porphyra yezoensis and Griffithsia pacifica: evolutionary implications
NSGL #: WASHU-R-94-023

Conchocelis culture. Equipment and techniques for nori farming in Washington State
NSGL #: WASHU-H-86-001

Conchocelis growth in five Pacific Northwest Porphyra species
NSGL #: WASHU-R-84-028

Equipment for nori farming in Washington State. Volume 1, outdoor seeding; Volume 2, nursery culture
NSGL #: WASHU-H-84-001

Growth of nori (Porphyra tenera) in an experimental OCTEC-aquaculture system in Hawaii
NSGL #: HAWAU-R-83-018

Growth of nori (Porphyra tenera) in an experimental ocean thermal energy conversion system at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii

Infection and morphogenesis of Pythium marinum in species of Porphyra and other red algae
NSGL #: WASHU-R-92-007

On the position of meiosis in the life history of Porphyra torta (Rhodophyta)
NSGL #: WASHU-R-87-010

Organization of the chloroplast genome in the red alga Porphyra yezoenis
NSGL #: WASHU-R-91-002

Photoinhibition resistance in the red alga Porphyra perforate
NSGL #: WASHU-X-88-002

Market analysis and preliminary economic analysis for products of the red seaweed Porphyra
NSGL #: WASHU-T-82-003

Porphyra nereocystis: a dual-daylength seaweed
NSGL #: WASHU-R-85-019

Research in Porphyra aquaculture
NSGL #: WASHU-R-84-023

Techniques for the culture of the conchocelis stage of nori
NSGL #: WASHU-R-82-017

The economic potential of harvesting and marketing an American Porphyra
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-77-048

Vegetative propagation of Porphyra perforata
NSGL #: CUIMR-R-84-048