Mussel Publications


Many publishers charge for access to articles, proceedings, and other documents. These publications also may be available for little to no cost through your university library or the National Sea Grant Library (NSGL). When contacting NSGL, please be sure to include the publication’s NSGL #.

Aquaculture in Washington State
NSGL #: WASHU-G-88-010

Bivalves for clean water
NSGL #: WASHU-G-10-001

Can variable pH and low oxygen moderate ocean acidification outcomes for mussel larvae?
NSGL #: CASG-R-14-021

Experimental culture of mussels at Seabeck Bay
NSGL #: WASHU-R-75-017

Gathering safe shellfish in Washington:  avoiding paralytic shellfish poisoning (revised)
NSGL #: WASHU-H-12-001

Implementation of total quality management (TQM) and hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) concepts for processing aquacultured mussels (final report)
NSGL #: CASG-H-96-002

Mollusc diseases:  guide for the shellfish farmer
NSGL #: WASHU-H-90-001

Molecular and bioassay-based detection of Toxoplasma gondi oocyst uptake by mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis)
NSGL #: CASG-R-03-039

Mussels as a model system for integrative ecomechanics
NSGL #: WASHU-R-15-006

Mussel aquaculture in Puget Sound
NSGL #: WASHU-T-85-002

Mussel culture:  A West Coast perspective
NSGL #: WASHU-R-80-003