General Shellfish Research

Planning for Sustainable Shellfish Aquaculture: Identifying Current Activities, Public Perceptions, Conflicts, and Compatibilities

This research combines geospatial data and an examination of the social dimensions of shellfish aquaculture to ensure that it is fully integrated into coastal and marine spatial planning along the U.S. West Coast.

West Coast Shellfish Aquaculture–Economic Impacts, Barriers to Entry, and Opportunities for Expanded Production

Supported by the NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Research Program, researchers assembled data from coastal communities and provided the most comprehensive economic picture yet of West Coast shellfish aquaculture.

Ecology and Economics of Shellfish Aquaculture in Washington State

In 2013, the Washington State Legislature directed and funded WSG to initiate a shellfish aquaculture research program. The purpose of the program is to assess possible negative and positive effects, including cumulative and economic impacts, of evolving Washington shellfish aquaculture practices.

Planning for Sustainable Shellfish Aquaculture in Complex Multiple Use Environments: Determining Social and Ecological Carrying Capacity for South Puget Sound, Washington

Researchers investigated the physical conditions and coastal-community views that determine ecological and social carrying capacity for shellfish aquaculture.